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It’s time for Supergirl to make an appearance in the H’El on Earth crossover event across the Super titles…..and it seems that everybody can speak Kryptonian these days too.

Opening in the same lab that saw Superman’s tests in that prelude issue (Superman #13) and Dr Veritas has been dissecting the dragon that attacked Metropolis before being taken out by Kal El.  We then pick the story up with Supergirl aka Kara Zor-El trying to return to her normal life and get some rest in her New York apartment….and of course her flatmate can speak Kryptonian too.  She’s is woken from her sleep floating above the Sun and it’s here that we’re formally introduced to the strange figure seen in the previous two parts of this crossover….another Kryptonian by the name of H’El (No surprise there).

What is a surprise though is his urge to get help from Kara and eventually Kal-El to go back and save Krypton from its destruction but first on his agenda is to rid the world of Superboy…..the human/Kryptonian clone that he sees as an abomination.  Kara talks him out of killing him for now and she is sent to tell Kal-El the details of his plan and get him on-board.  So the last three members of the Krypton race may be joining forces to prevent Krypton’s destruction – it sounds like a fairly straight-forward tale but the H’El character has been developed well given we’ve known virtually nothing about him until this issue.

The art is ok from Mahmud Asrar in comparison to the other titles but the main advantage here is the amount of page time that H’El has in this issue.  Bringing him out of the shadows and getting much more chance to develop him has proved this to be the most intriguing part of the crossover event so far.  Mike Johnson seems to have fun writing H’El and has helped develop an intriguing addition to the Super-titles.  The event is gaining momentum and we’ll see how things progress in the next issues.



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