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The final part of Cullen Bunn & Chris Yost’s Venom/Carnage/Scarlet Spider crossover event has built up to this one-shot but how would things play out and what would the body count be 😀

As we saw in Part 5 in Venom #27, Carnage had escaped the microverse and made his return to our own universe, invading like a virus and making his return felt starting with the city of Houston.  While Carnage regains his strength in Houston – Venom, Scarlet Spider and civilian Katy Kiernan try and figure out how to get home and in one of the few quibbles I have with this crossover so far – they just need Flash to want to go home and the symbiote will want the same.  I can get passed this minor issue though as they return to their own universe……but remaining at their shrunken size.

Houston is blood-spattered with bodies lying around them and the confrontation from a full-size Carnage gets things kicked off big style as he tries to kill them once and for all.  That was never going to happen though as the theory that their miniature size was temporary hits mid-battle.  We’re now centre-stage for a Venom & Scarlet Spider vs Carnage in a visceral, intense war.  There’s some good buddy-comedy stuff between Venom & Scarlet Spider as they out-smart Carnage – risking their own lives by using a sonic-grenade to knock Carnage/Cletus out.

All is well with the world….well nearly, the Enigma Force are picking up the pieces of the microverse, the Prometheus Pit for crossing into the microverse is dismantled by The Avengers and the casualties are mourned throughout.  The issue closes with Venom visiting an incarcerated Cletus/Carnage and we’re faced with the fact that Cletus is catatonic following the battle.  There seems no hint at improvement so Carnage is now fully in charge and things could change forever…….at least if the sedation ever weakens.

All in all the Minimum Carnage crossover has been fun, bringing three darker characters together and expanding across the micro/macro verse – which was an interesting direction to take but one that Cullen Bunn & Chris Yost have been able to keep consistent and develop an extended cast of characters within the run of the 6-issues.  There have been a few minor things with the crossover but the strengths from the writing and the all-out war action between the symbiotes and their supporters have kept the event moving.

The artwork in this issue (and the other parts) have remained a significant contributor to its success – the dark, moody microverse has contrasted well with the regular universe and given a new aspect to what could’ve been just another goodie vs baddie release.



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