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The final issue in Mark Waid’s mini was always going to be a high and a low point for me as the tale reaches its end.

Issue #3 saw the surprising death of our main villain The Master but this one opens with the man behind the entire plot hearing the bad news that his plans have unravelled…..thanks to The Rocketeer.  Although now the city is being overrun by dinosaurs and Cliff and the gang are soon rallying round to try and bring things under control.  Betty, Government man Earl, Sally & Peevy all chip in and with swooping bi-planes and ray guns using the last of their charge we’re soon down to the last of them….only this time it’s the T-Rex.

Sally rigs the gun to explode and it’s up to The Rocketeer to make this last gasp effort count and bring the situation under control – a full-on explosion later and we’re covered in T-Rex meet watching a pair of dino-legs stumble until they fall.  Job-Done and we’ve saved the day but there’s still a fair bit to develop on the story front as Sally reveals her own big secret – she’s enlisted in the army as a pilot and with a bit of help from Earl she’s sure to get there fast.  With calm returning to the world the Cliff & Betty relationship eases back into its loved-up, less volatile state….but Waid’s not done yet.

There’s a final reveal in the last page as we find out that Earl has had ulterior motives all along and there’s more to him than we first expected.  A great dun-dun-dun moment for Waid’s arc and it’s been a real success, capturing that pulpy, B-movie feel and keeping a high-level of adventure and excitement.  Topped off with Chris Samnee’s artwork as he’s clearly enjoyed the experience and poured that energy onto the pages…..Jordie Bellaire’s colours add an extra depth to the cityscapes and action.



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