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Marvel continue their reshuffle and new approach to some of their biggest characters as they team-up Mark Waid and Leinil Yu on Hulk but could this dream team bring us a fresh take on our favourite green monster?

We open mid-mission with Maria Hill in a local diner as she is still obsessing over the whereabouts of Bruce Banner aka the Hulk.  Agent Coulson is trying his best to get her focused on the job in hand but this becomes even harder to do when Bruce walks straight up to her and sits opposite her.  A swaggering Bruce is a change of pace but we soon see that he’s changed in a number of other ways too.  He lays it all out for Maria – his acceptance that he is misguided in his search for a cure from his inner green monster and that all he can do is accept it.  He’s also quick to make Maria an offer – he’ll join S.H.I.E.L.D. in a dual role, a scientific advisor and a weapon they can aim should the Hulk ever appear….which he will.  Bruce knows all about Maria’s current mission and this is his perfect opportunity to back his offer up with an audition.

A smack over the head with a plank of wood triggers the change and Hulk smashes his way into her mission and brings it a typically messy end.  Audition passed and Bruce is helped from the scene with his swagger intact and a place on the S.H.I.E.L.D. roster, a satisfying conclusion from a smart and interesting opener.   The smart-ass Bruce with an emphasis on the smart is instantly likeable – as much for his ballsy approach as the fact we believe he’s firmly in control with his plans…..and Waid writes him in such a way that he doesn’t come across as smug.  Yu is on fire yet again as the quiet layout of the discussions between Bruce and Maria are captured with grace and are completely counterbalanced by the explosive moments as the Hulk arrives and takes care of business.

Another hit from the Marvel Now releases and another difficulty for me as I’m torn between which issue #2 to read first when they’re released……a success for sure.



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You know, I REALLY enjoyed this and I can’t figure out if I’m shocked or it confirms what I expected. It just seemed to hit the spot for me, would certainly be a good jumping on point and at no point did I ever feel short changed. A+

Comment by James Lundy

I’m torn between this, Thor and Captain America for my favourite so far but as you say…..hits the spot.

Comment by G-Man

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