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COMEBACK #1 by G-Man
November 27, 2012, 12:10 am
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This new 5-issue series is another sci-fi offering from Image and this time around it’s got a time-travelling edge to it.

Writer Ed Brisson & artist Michael Walsh combine to bring us the goings-on of Reconnect – a company with an aim to reunite families with their recently dead brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers or pretty much anyone you’ve lost.  Saving lives by heading back in time and saving them from the events that killed them.  Saving lives for a price or at least that’s what you’d expect as an almost underground feel to the job the Agents do.

Not a government agent feel as this is clearly a business for profit but the strict rules they stick to and the desperate families who’ll lie to get their loved ones back through any means necessary.  A risky route to take and while it can cause severe deaths of the very people they are being paid to save; it’s also taking its toll on the agents themselves.  Mark & Seth are the team we follow in this issue as they take on their cases while the cracks start to appear in Seth.  Overworked & lack of sleep has him working on empty and changes his attitude to what they are trying to achieve but that’s something their boss Terrence picks up on and warns Mark about.  A confrontation between the team mates confirms that this is Seth’s last spell with the group as he can see the toll its taking and the issue fades out with the latest case being taken to a hideout…..or at least an abandoned warehouse where the saving part seems to have been left out of the equation.

This is a fun and well constructed opening issue from the creative team of Brisson & Walsh and there’s a multi-layered and savvy plot on the go here with all the essential touches to make a far-out, science idea seem all the more plausible.  Nifty touches along the way like the cause and effect of time-travel on people with an undisclosed illness or the finer details they have to consider while altering the timeline.  We have some moody colouring work from Jordie Bellaire on this too and the sci-fi feel is poured into the pages from every aspect.



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