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CLONE #1 by G-Man

A fairly frantic opening issue in this new sci-fi title from Image and this shows alot of promise in becoming a permanent entry in my pull-list.

Starting off with a mysterious chase through the suburbs ending with what we assume is a fatal gunshot……we’re dropped into the everyday life of our main character, Dr. Luke Taylor……with a baby on the way we learn of his worries at becoming a father.  He’s just about to head off to meet his wife, Amelia, at her latest scan when our wounded figure from that opening scene makes his way into Luke’s kitchen.  Covering the place with blood is startling enough but not as much as seeing his own face on the wounded figure.

Things get even more complicated as a version of Luke arrives at the hospital to see Amelia during her scan – Luke helps patch up the wounded man in his now bloodied kitchen before heading to get Amelia……thing is, she’s already been kidnapped by the clone from the hospital.  Luke arrives too late and the pace just keeps going as his frantic search continues.

Cue Luke’s acceptance of the truth, at least for now as his new ally seems to be himself.  Kudos goes to David Shulner as he keeps the personal moments between the expecting couple warm and realistic while mixing in the high-paced topsy-turvy world of clones.  A tried and tested theme in sci-fi and Image seems to have tapped into a fresh take on it with yet another title I can add to my pull-list from them.

While the writing is tight and well-paced, I’m not sure I can say the same for the art  Juan Jose Ryp & Felix Serrano……….it just feels like there’s something missing in it.  Detailed enough and capturing the mood in the facial expressions of the characters well but the use of a series of lines on the faces to depict shadow just didn’t do it for me…..probably just personal taste in this case and it didn’t detract from the overall success of the title.



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