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The much-hyped final arc from Dan Slott kicks off here in among the writers warning that any online spoilers ahead of its release would result in instant un-friending FOREVER.

The hype that goes with it is warranted though as the entire issue centres on the big reveal at the end…..a reveal I’m trying not to give away.  The issue kicks-off with an emergency situation on The Raft, a floating prison for the most dangerous of Spider-Man’s enemies……only this time it’s not an escape; it’s the dying Doc Ock trying to speak his last words.  Cue a switch to Peter Parker as he seems to have found a new zest for life…..not just the superhero side with its epic battles and super friends but his life as an everyday photographer.  A reflective Peter mulls over his past and realizes just how lucky he is.  OK, Aunt May is in hospital but he heads to see the love of his life, MJ and they head to see her take her first steps on the road to recovery.

The thing is, his Spidey life is ALWAYS going to demand his focus and his call to arms from the Avengers sees him meet them at the Raft.  Doc Ock has been asking to see him and this is where we see one of the most complex stories start in the Amazing Spider-man title, one with a BIG shock.  The thing is, while we guessed this was going to be a run of the mill ending to the title, it’s anything but and I’d defy anyone to say they saw the events of issue #698 coming.

The art duties fall to Richard Elson with Antonio Fabela on colours and they steep the pages in a style that seems to blend those early days of Spidey with the modern-day world.  Clean lines with detail across the cityscapes and the characters on show prove to work in-line with Slott’s vision.  Two-issues left in the Amazing title and with this kind of start in the final arc, you can see why Marvel has decided to stick with Slott for the next Marvel Now Spider-Man title coming in January.



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