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The Marvel Now titles keep coming and with Rick Remender on writing and John Romita Jr. on art, I was hopeful that this would return Cap to the top of my must-read pile.

Opening with Steve’s early days in 1920’s America we see the abusive home-life of the Rogers family as the struggle for work and survival raises the tension between his parents.  A grim opening that merges into the latest mission that sees him clinging to the outside of an attack plane set on bombing NYC.  An attack that Cap stops with typical style and all while planning his easy descent into the city by parachute… I wish that’s how I got to work 😀  We’re then into Steve’s everyday life as he continues to try and fit into the modern world – dating S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sharon Carter brings us a few pages of playful banter between the two and sets us into the real world away from being a superhero.  It doesn’t stay that way for long though as Steve is kidnapped or at least the train he is one is kidnapped and whisked away to another dimension.  Arnim Zola is his kidnapper and he’s thrust him into Dimension Z, where he plans on cloning Steve in the latest of his bio-fanatic plots.

Amidst the pain and torture of Zola’s experiment, Cap’s determination and reserve sees him grind out an escape, create a diversion and escape leaving Zola thinking his clone attempts have been destroyed as part of the diversion.  Cap escapes Zola’s clutches but is now firmly trapped in Dimension Z – trying to figure out a way to get home, a way to avoid Zola and all with a baby snatched from Zola’s lab.  A world full of strange creatures and some big threats are sure to appear in future issues of this title.  Remender is on form here, as he sets things up well and mixes things up with a smart approach to this man out of time becoming a man trapped in a strange world.

The John Romita Jr’s and Klaus Johnson art is great here too as the action fizzes, the intimate moments hang in the air and the new dimension Steve becomes lost in is big, brash and strange.  Dean White on colours adds and extra element to the look too as both worlds, and even the flashback to the Rogers family in the 20’s have a definite look to them.  This works on every level for me, it’s engaging, it’s fun to watch and with some smart & quirky dialogue in there it’s another Marvel Now! success.  A definite addition to my must-reads and I can’t wait to see that issue #2.



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