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Another of the Marvel Now releases sees Simon Spurrier take on one of the X-Men titles but with some stiff competition from some solid starts elsewhere – this title seemed to be a pot-luck affair for me – which was always a 50/50 for paying off.

This title surrounds the world of Legion, son of the now dead Professor Xavier and it makes sense for Marvel to address the affect his death would have on the X-Men AND his family.  This is my first experience of Legion and I could tell you he’s a nutcase…..but that wouldn’t be strong enough….he’s crazier than a crazy thing being crazy…..and then some. Coping with his split-personality in a world of strange creatures, tortured prisoners and a guide/psychiatrist by the name of Merzah the Mystic give us a glimpse of a plot with twists and turns from Spurrier.

Legion seems to be clinging onto that sliver of sanity and abate his inner demons all in a quest to find his place in mutantkind…….a fairly ordinary quest given the characters and events of the book.  Tang Eng Huat on pencils, Craig Heung on Inks & Jose Villarrubia on colours do a great job on the art – bringing a quirky style that seems to capture the crazy just right.  The writing is good, the art is good but the character just isn’t for me I don’t think and in a hefty rota of Marvel Now releases I’m not sure this is one I’ll stick with for the long haul.  There ARE some great lines in this issue but I just find myself being as disconnected from the character as Legion is from reality.  That’s no fault of the creative team here, that’s just how he reads to me and it’s hard to see how this will fair against some of the more significant titles from Marvel Now that have made an impact on me already.

One to try at the very least and one that I’ll maybe stick with on a first arc but with no connection for me in issue #1 – the first impression isn’t great.



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