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VENOM #27 by G-Man

The penultimate issue of Minimum Carnage picks up the chaos started with the fourth part in Scarlet Spider #11 and Cullen Bunn ramps things up.

With Venom & Carnage still in the hands of Radu, the plans to amass a symbiote army are made a reality fairly quickly and we soon see a faceoff between the two as the army grows around them.  The Enigma Force members, The Redeemer & Marquis Radu are all still fighting too, to try and save the microverse from the war that’s about to erupt.

It soon explodes as it seems everyone is fighting everyone else in the confusion that hits even to the extent that Venom thinks he’s won by merely hacking off the head of Carnage but it was never going to be that simple.  Cue some severe mocking by Carnage and the army under his control soon make an en-mass charge for our last line of defense.  Scarlet Spider drops in and it’s a Sparta moment as the few heroes try to hold back the swarming army……but then there’s an extra step taken by Bunn.

Carnage almost fades away and while we’re momentarily led to believe that’s it over, we’re quickly reminded that the world we’ve seen the war break-out in is actually connected to our universe.  The reality check here is the miniature Carnage army crossing back into the real world and infecting the everyday people of Houston, Texas.  A great route to take with this title and it ensures the momentum is still on-track for that final part.

Bunn blurts out those visceral lines between Carnage & Venom while juggling the quest for good by the Enigma Force, The Redeemer & Scarlet Spider.  Mingling an all out symbiote war and its chaos with the red/back blur of the good vs evil at its centre…..almost making it a family war.  Then there’s Declan Shelvey keeping things sharp and edgy as he builds layer upon layer of the growing army through to that blur between Micro & Macro verse.



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