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November 22, 2012, 10:59 am
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A new start for the X-Men sees Brian Michael Bendis pick up the writing duties amid rumours of time-travelling that have more than a few fans set to avoid the title.

However, what we get from Bendis is much more as he lays out a series of plotlines including the extended cast of the X-Men.  Flowing from the events of AvsX and the fallout there’s a definite focus on the recently released Cyclops as his new allies continue their push to empower the mutants of the world.  There’s also a fair amount of page-time set on The Beast as he becomes the centre of the time-travelling element that is hinted at in this issue.

The truth is, the time-travelling element was never something that put me off especially given the recent Spider-Men crossover between the current Spider-Man and the Ultimate Universe Spider-Man that Bendis managed to craft so well.  The entire mix of arcs mingle well as we work our way through the different threads with a significant focus on the characterisation in this issue.  Indicating the intent to build a strong core to the title and ease us into a new age for the X-Men with a long future.

The artwork is rich and vibrant and if anything, the only thing missing from this opener is any sustained or significant action which Stuart Immonen would surely excel at.  That being said, there is sure to be more action on the horizon and with Bendis in charge there is a strong case for this to be a hit.  I just hope that X-Men fans take those time-travelling doubts out of the equation and enjoy the title like I did.



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