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November 21, 2012, 12:01 pm
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Thor has become a favourite character of mine in recent years and hearing that the Marvel Now! release would see Jason Aaron & Esad Ribic team-up had me hyped.

As the slow hints trickled from Marvel and we gradually learned that Aaron would be tackling Thor from several different perspectives, I grew increasingly concerned that it would crumble under the sheer ambition of trying to tell too much story.  Instead, we’re gifted to an issue of seamless skill as the early days of Thor mix with the present day Thor and what feels like the last days of Thor.  An interesting direction to take as I suspected but one that they’ve pulled off with ease as a the strong, virile Thor of days gone past fights and drinks his way through battles until confronted with the horror of the floating remains of a god in the nearby lake.

This is a common theme throughout the issue as the power of the gods is questioned further in the present day Thor’s life.  In a world where he is worshipped as a deity, we see things develop as he’s drawn into the other realms of Asgard and the slaughter of other gods by an unseen foe…..although a direct run-in with a henchman of this unseen foe proves to be the first hint of the story that’s going to unravel.

In the future tale of Thor we see the solitary, lonely figure of Thor as he faces the reality of being the last of a dying breed….a world without gods seems all too real as we see him face off against an entire army armed with nothing but his anger and Mjolnir.  The times link so smoothly that we’re drawn in to all three aspects by Aaron with enough intrigue and a true effort to build our central character Thor in each of those arcs.

The art from Ribic seems fitting too as his realistic depictions of a godly world hold a real sense of power and strength that few people could pull off.  A strong mention has to go out to colourist Dean White as he seems to enhance the depth and richness of the Ribic artwork.  Combining to give us a realistic feel to an unreal world and give definite detail to the three ages of Thor.

A new favourite of mine for sure and I can’t wait to see where Aaron, Ribic & White take us next.



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