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STORM DOGS #1 by G-Man
November 21, 2012, 11:58 am
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A new book from Image sees this sci-fi tale from writer David Hine and artist Doug Braithwaite evolve slowly but that’s not a bad thing.

A group of investigators arrive to look into a series of bizarre & violent deaths on the planet Amaranth, a planet with a varied terrain and mix of inhabitants…..and the added bonus of rain that will melt your face off.  A gradual introduction to our characters and their current situation sees us learn the ways of this new planet and the means to survive and there’s no information overload here as Hine is obviously taking his time to build a world with us alongside.

A hint of a western sees the group of investigators get that “stranger in a strange land” feel as they try and blend into a populace that they stick out in.  Slowly introducing the alien species and back-story to the settlements gives this sci-fi tale a real feeling of depth and all in a first issue.  All backed up Braithwaite’s typically strong and detailed artwork that seems to be steeped in the rain-soaked climate of the planet’s surroundings.

The group is there to investigate and even the relentless rain isn’t going to stop that and they venture further into the barren landscape that could prove a challenge itself.  Needless to say, the rain and an alien attack gets the better of them and the group start to feel the full wrath of their surroundings but not before the reveal of another of the planet’s alien species, the Elohi.  A race that could easily have been dropped out of the movie Avatar with ease and that’s where we end this first issue…..the big reveal of a new race.

A strong sci-fi release from Image with Hine & Braithwaite proving to be a significant pairing to make this a success and the only real thing that’s missing from this first issue is any standout characters but as this seems to be easing us into its world – I’m sure it’ll ease those characters in as it develops.



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