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This weekend sees the Thought Bubble Festival close with its two-day comic book event – quite possibly one of the best Comic Con’s in the UK and definitely a favourite of the Comics Anonymous gang.  We have a table this year in the Royal Armouries Hall Table 88 which you can swing by for some Comic chat/shenanigans…..minus G-Man this year (He’s crying himself to sleep on the run up to it).

While there is the usual impressive list of guests to take your favourite issues to for signing we’d urge you to seriously consider picking up some of small press/indie titles that are on offer.  A sea of hidden gems across two halls of comic book madness and we thought we’d try and steer you in the direction of some of our tried & tested personal favourites.

New Dock Hall

Lou Scannon (Table 4) – These guys have 4-issues of sci-fi comedy action prepped and ready for you to pick up along with some pretty nifty variants, badges and other goodies.  A Red Dwarf style band of heroes appear in the previously reviewed #1, #2, #3 & #4.  Now you can read the issues and then read the reviews…..otherwise you’re just spoiling the surprise.

Disconnected Press (Table 11) – A great place to pick up some more anthology titles with Lost Boys and more on offer with their latest, How to Kill Bears getting its debut release at this year’s event.  Go see them and grab some more top small press releases.

Planet Jimbot (Table 16) – Jim Alexander will be on hand with some of his latest titles as well as his previous works with Black Hearted Press – you’ll get the chance to get hold of Gabriel, Good Cop Bad Cop, Amongst the Stars, and more.

AccentUK (Table 50) – With their mix of one-shot tales and anthologies there is DEFINETELY going to be something that you’ll love from these guys – some we’ve reviewed here before like The Wolfmen/Fall of the Wolfmen, Whatever Happened to the World’s Fastest Man? & The Man of Glass and some new titles that we’ll be sure to pick up ourselves.

Nichangell Comix (Table 70) – A small press success story in its own right, we’ve seen it grow from a self published release to being picked up by a publisher.  One of the first things we reviewed was Track One of 7String from this run of issues – a well written and beautifully drawn release that will continue to grow.  With Volume 1 on release there are high hopes that volume two will raise the bar even further and with help in the recently launched Kickstarter project it’ll do just that.

7String Volume 2 – Kickstarter

Myriad Editions (Table 83) – Try an catch-up with Nye Wright as his tour-de-force, “Things to do in a Retirement Home Trailer Park……When You’re 29 and Unemployed” continues to gain readers.  A heartfelt tale of caring for his father as he copes with illness, filled with love, laughs and sadness.

Royal Armouries Hall

Team Girl Comic (Table 7) – The all-female team of creators young and old continue to pull together a strong mix of fun, laughs and honest moments in a well-crafted release… reaching its 6th issue which is making it’s debut at this years event.

Cinebook (Table 33-36) – A broad mix of titles which we’ve been fortunate enough to read and I’m sure we’ll be picking up more this year too.  Check out the glorious sci-tale The Chimpanzee Complex for some TOP sci-fi head hurting fun…..just a taster of what’s on offer.


Obscure Reference Comics/GLOW/The Standard (Table 72) – The Obscure Reference team of writer/artist Gary Chudleigh & Graeme Kennedy will be attending to launch the third and final part of their Villainous title – a steady progression through issues #1, #2 & #3 sees a strong release grow alongside the creators.

You’ll find the Glasgow League of Writers (GLOW) in attendance as they launch their 2nd anthology, this time with a horror theme and maybe even get a chance to grab their first anthology.

Alongside this group will be John Lees who’s AMAZING title ‘The Standard’ continues to grow as it has done through issues #1, #2 & #3.  The halfway point of this title is really only the beginning in one of the best indie releases around.  You’ll get the chance to buy the new collected TPB of these first three issues as well as prints and more.

Jon Lock Comics (Table 75)Afterlife Inc. launches its second volume collected edition of the Jon Lock web comic and I’m sure that first volume will be available too.  Well worth a look with a Kickstarter underway to keep the success & momentum going with the third volume.  All contributions big and small welcome here:

Afterlife Inc. Volume 3 – Kickstarter

No More Heroes (Table 89) – The Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards (SICBA) winner of Best Comic in 2012 from creator/writer Gordon McLean is a true superhero comic with depth and style that easily matches any of those mainstream titles we see week after week.  A great chance to pick up issues #1, #2 & #3 of this 4-part gem.

All worthy of a read so pick these up and chat to the creators – tell them Comics Anonymous sent you.


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