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The Minimum Carnage crossover continues and after things leading up to a face-off in Part 3 (Reviewed here) we’re firmly into the battle between Scarlet Spider and Carnage himself.

The chaos unravels quickly as the brutal battle between them produces the most violent confrontation of the crossover event so far – the kind of thing we’ve really been expecting from the start.  All the while Venom is still trapped in his own little battle elsewhere in the microverse as the symbiote goes into meltdown and Flash loses complete control of it during his own battle.

What unravels in this issue though is that Carnage is still just a pawn in a much bigger sub-plot taking place in the microverse as The Redeemer with his God-like status is the real target in all this.  His opposition is Radu, a similarly mysterious character but with his eyes firmly set on ridding the microverse of the Redeemer and taking his place as its new god.  The presence of Scarlet Spider is a mere annoyance as he’s thrown to his death off a cliff ( but he escapes that of course) and Venom soon becomes an added bonus for the overall plan as 2 evil symbiotes are obviously better than one.

The purpose of them being there soon becomes apparent as they are marched off to be used in the war machine they have prepared to create symbiote foot soldiers for the impending face-off.  There’s ALOT to take in during this fourth part….and it’s quite a surprise that given the ground we’ve covered, we still have two parts to go but then Scarlet Spider writer Chris Yost seems to be teaming up with Cullen Bunn in such a clever and calculated way that it’s no surprise that this crossover is beginning to pick up some serious momentum.

This issue sees Reilly Brown & Khoi Pham combine their pencil work with Tom Palmer’s Inks and Edgar Delgado’s colours to bring us a rich, vibrant other world that our big, brash characters can thrive in…..and lose control.  Something we can see in the increase in violence in this issue….not a bad thing as to be honest….it’s what we’ve been hoping for.

So it’s 4-parts down, 2 to go and I’m hoping the last two issues of this keep up the same momentum that the creative teams, writers & artists, have managed to sustain from the start.



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