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November 15, 2012, 9:21 am
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Let’s face it; it was pretty much inevitable that a comic called G-Man would get the Comics Anonymous review treatment at some point…no if’s…..only when…..and that when is NOW!

Opening with Mikey G aka G-Man reading through a guidebook on how to fly his numerous trips to the roof grab the attention of his Dad and older brother, Dave G.  A guidebook that his older brother has read before without any success in the flying department…..but G-Man unlocks the secret….you need a Magic Cape to help you fly….bit of a no-brainer.  This all a fairly humble beginning for what turns out to be the kind of all-age superhero book I’d have hoped for.

Creator Chris Giarrusso builds us a smart and funny world to get involved in, a mix of Calvin & Hobbes meets the Avengers and capturing the best elements of each – a long list of characters and a strong sense of fun with an undercurrent of subtle humour that caught me off guard and had me chuckling like mad.  His friends and enemies are a colourful bunch of misfits with a similarly quirky approach to their hero or villain outlook on life and Giarrusso draws us in further as he mingles in the sibling rivalry throughout the book with the same story subject being told from Mikey & Dave’s point of view – the classic “stop hitting yourself” makes a welcome appearance.

This brother vs brother thread crops up throughout the book as older brother Dave follows Mikey’s lead and becomes Great Man a flying superhero who is superior to G-Man in every way… least that’s how he sees it.  They both compete for the attention of the watching public as they take on robots, Christmas Trees gone mad and even versions of themselves from a parallel universe.  A swift change of subject over the course of these collected short adventures keeps the momentum high as they even from in cameos from the likes of a Transformer, Savage Dragon & Superpatriot.

This is a fun title in the truest sense of the word and the subtle one-liners will catch most adults off-guard as they fire thick and fast throughout.  A guilty pleasure for most I’d imagine but this is the kind of title that take you back to your youth, when the brightly coloured comic book covers would draw you in and get instantly engrossed in the characters and their day to day adventures.  You gotta get this….and I gotta get the next volume….and maybe a cape.



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In paragraph 3, you’ve mixed up Chris Eliopoulos (Cow Boy, Desperate Times, Misery Loves Sherman) with Chris Giarrusso (G-Man, Mini Marvels). I agree that Learning to Fly is excellent!

Comment by larry m

Cheers for that – not sure how I made that connection….so many comics, so little time 😀

Comment by G-Man

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