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Writers Brian Michael Bendis & David Mack continue their eight part Daredevil tale with Ben Urich firmly involved in the investigation for his big story.

The mystery surrounding Matt Murdock’s final word, ‘Mapone’ has him walking the streets in true investigative reporter style and he’s doing his best to find the people closest to Matt.  An unsuccessful trip to Avengers Tower Museum doesn’t deter him as he searches for Natasha Romanova aka Black Widow.  Leading him through the bars of New York and a typically covert meeting in an alleyway with Nick Fury as Ben’s incessant search for Widow has drawn some attention from the one-eyed keeper of secrets.  Unfortunately he knows nothing about the last words of Matt….or the whereabouts of Black Widow…..strange that there is something Nick Fury doesn’t know but we’re quite a bit ahead in the future and the aging Fury may still be an agent of sorts but he’s free of the power he once had.

Ben’s stubborn search continues and a visit to Matt’s ex-wife gets him a slap in the face for his troubles before settling in at his desk to mull things over.  A short-lived stop though as he’s sent to cover Matt’s funeral by Jamieson albeit under protest but his presence does not go unnoticed as Natasha confronts him in a rare appearance in public but then it was Matt’s funeral and this is where this issue closes out…..and leaves us that open question from Ben to Natasha on the significance of the word “Mapone”.

The story is just become more and more involving and the gritty art from Klaus Janson (pencils), Bill Sienkiewicz (finished art & paintings) and Matt Hollingsworth (colours) brings us that same level of involvement with its darker, sinister edges for the covert parts to the bright lights of the city it portrays.  Strange to have an issue of a Dardevil arc without an appearance from him but the mystery that’s unfolding just shows that the story can be bigger than any character…..IF it’s told well.  In this case issues #1 and #2 have left me wanting more and it’s the curse of the monthly schedule, at least for readers, that we have a wait on our hands for the next installment.



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