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November 13, 2012, 2:05 pm
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Kieron Gillen closes out this title as we see the fifth issue try and tie up all those loose ends from AvsX ahead of some of the Marvel Now! releases coming soon.

With the previous four issues weaving its way through several different plot lines the one constant built throughout has been the Cyclops story where his jail time has been broken up with visits from other X-Men/Avengers members as the links to other parties have gradually been unveiled.  With strange messages in salt sending Scott’s supporters outside the prison walls into jail-break mode in the closing pages of issue #4 (reviewed here).

We’re now firmly sent in two definitive story arcs that converge….as the Avengers search and find Hope before heading to the prison just as Magneto and the gang attack the prison and free Cyclops.  Although not before he acts out his revenge on some of the inmates and guards that have made his jail time as tough as they possibly could.  Their escape has been timed perfectly as they disappear just as the Avengers turn up….much to their frustration but a message left for Logan sees the new direction Cyclops life will now take.  With Logan firmly in place to take the reins from Professor X and keep the mutant kids on the straight and narrow, its Scott’s aim to tackle the darker side of Mutant survival alongside Magneto and a small band of believers in a new cause.  With a glimpse of the direction Cyclops is taking we’re also given a glimpse of Cable keeping an eye on his daughter, Hope – giving us a clear link between the events of AvsX and the Marvel Now titles featuring these characters.

If anything, that’s the success of this 5-parter and where AvsX itself was good (not great) – the event has been elevated to a much more significant and satisfying conclusion through Consequences.  Gillen’s mix of plotlines had me worried to start with, possibly as a result of the AvsX main title but the progression of the characters and subtleties in the connections between all those different plots have come together in a well-rounded, satisfying way.  While I’ve lost confidence in the art at different stages it’s not faltered enough for me to lose faith in the title as a whole.

If you read this….you’ll most likely want to read AvsX as a backup story….and if you’ve read AvsX, I suggest you read this to gain a much more satisfying conclusion to the event ahead of those new directions being explored in the Marvel Now! titles.



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