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Obscure Reference comics will be launching the third and final part of their Villanous title at this years Thought Bubble…..but the Comics Anonymous team were lucky enough to get one of the first looks.

Having held onto a strong start in those first two issues (reviewed here) it feels like some time has passed since this was on the reading pile but I’m thankful to say that it’s been worth the wait.  Starting off with that cracking cover from John Gibson we see the creative team of Gary Chudleigh and Graeme Kennedy continue their shared duties in rounding off their dark tale.

Opening with the funeral of cop Robert Bryson and the cat and mouse continues between his son, Tom, and our tormented soul Victor.  The thing is Victor isn’t to blame for most of the chaos that’s happening around them as a group of his fans have brought together an elaborate plan to cause as much death and destruction as they possibly can.  Taking Victor captive to show-off to their inspiration but there’s more to Victor than the mindless character we maybe expected.

The explosions ring out and following Victor’s escape he warns Bryson of the plans before continuing to take these fanatics down.  Saving Bryson’s girlfriend in the process and making his escape with the boss in charge of his fan club.  Victor saves the day and in the closing section of this issue he makes the ultimate sacrifice….taking out the true villain in the issue and finding his peace.  A fast, action-packed issue and by far the best of the three that’s been released – which is obviously a testament to the progression of the creative team…..with Chudleigh’s scripting and plotline offering us the strongest and most well rounded issue of the Villainous arc.  All backed up with a much more consistent set of art from Kennedy as the smart panel layout help build the tension and there’s just much more detail throughout.

So we’ve got the creative team hitting their stride from the first page and with artist & writer keeping the consistency in place that brings the issue and series to an end.  They’ve both improved over the course of the three issues and that gives this final issue a real sense of closure….not something we really get with much satisfaction in other titles, so an achievement on a number of levels for them.

I’m keen to see where Obscure Reference goes next and I hope that enough people see sense and pick up all three issues of Villanous from them at Thought Bubble on the 17th & 18th November.



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