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November 8, 2012, 12:37 pm
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This first issue from Lightning Strikes sees them take a real mix of stories and throw them together….but would that approach work?

The success and failure of most collected stories or anthologies is really down to the consistency across each individual story and it’s a fine balancing act sometimes to get that right.  Where some releases will have a particular theme that each story sticks to and others will have a complete mish-mash of things and this “Presents….” release from Lightning Strikes firmly rests in the latter of those categories.

Admittedly an anthology has a shorter number of pages to tell each story and with 10 stories covering just over 80 pages I was wondering if there was too much being crammed in.  Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised at just how well the collection worked as the change of subject, the change of style and the great pairings of writer/artist all worked to give an interesting and varied read in each story.

We progress from Celtic Battle to sci-fi tale to superhero story and even a glimpse at some Steam Punk themed work too…so you’re getting a fairly broad range of topics for your 5 Euros.  Now what I may not have mentioned yet is the fact that Lightning Strikes is a Dublin based comic publisher and I was lucky enough to pick this up at the D.I.C.E. comic con a few months back (reviewed here) and it’s these kind of titles that make cons such an interesting place.

We’ve seen the small press and self-publishing scene continue to grow here in Glasgow and the UK – and being based in the UK we don’t get exposed to the titles from the indie comic scene in Ireland…..but it has just as much heart and talent to show for it.  In many ways the indie scene is really where the risks are taken in terms of writing and art as there’s no limitations applied and no burden of continuity on their shoulders.  So if anything…’s better to try and balance that pull-list with a locally created gem like this.

I urge you to get hold of this if you can (even borrow it from me if you know me) but this is going to have something for everyone to get into…..a sci-fi/superhero/gangster/robot/flying monkey mix that has enough shocks, humour and detail to make this the page-turner it really is.

Keep up-to-date with the Lightning Strike group and their releases at their website:



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