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After picking up Volume 1 of Flakes a few months back (reviewed here) I took the chance to catch Volume 2 from Surreality Comics.

Creator George Bell maintains the layout from that first volume and there’s very few (if any) titles out there with snowmen going head to head with demonic monsters.  Throw in a cameo by Jim Stewart’s Ganjaman & Marijuana Girl and the surreal is still firmly in place too.  What I like about this though is the consistency of the art and even though it’s kept simplistic there’s an ability to support the quirky story on offer with this approach.  The pearls of wisdom on offer alongside each strip are also a key support to the story and are cause for just as much entertainment as the strip itself.

Take a break from the typical comic book world you get lost in and see if Flakes will make you laugh as much as I did.  Crazy, quirky fun with that spirit of Gary Larson still in place….only much, much darker.  Starting as a webcomic and being added to regularly on their website you should catch up with this, Volume 1 and more over at their website:

And even like them on Facebook:

Surreality Commics FB



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