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A + X #1 by G-Man

The AvsX fallout continues with this title as two stories per issue play out in a similar format to the AvsX:Versus title that tied into that main AvsX title.

In a similar way this will be a love/hate approach to this series too with the slightly bigger challenge of having to go-it-alone as it doesn’t have another main title to coast along with.  The first of the two stories features Captain America & Bucky in a typically covert mission to tackle the latest Nazi development in robotics.  This has a twist when Cable makes an appearance on his own future-saving mission and he’s on the hunt for another time-traveler from the future who is set on changing the course of history – he’s obviously never seen the Butterfly Effect…JEEZ.  A short but punchy story from Amazing Spider-man writer Dan Slott and it’s got the energy and buddy feel to it that we’d expect.  The art is also pretty impressive from penciler Ron Garney, Inkers Danny Miki, Cam Smith & Mark Morales and all rounded off by colourist Will Quintana – as they all work together to provide us a fast paced and detailed adventure.

Second of the stories is another tale with a time-travelling theme as Hulk & Wolverine get a visit at the Avengers Tower from their future selves  – very like the whole AvsX:Versus tales we’ve seen recently.  The battle spills over into the streets but the future Hulk & Wolverine quickly return to their own time leaving the quest for cake in the Avengers Tower play out between the current Hulk and Wolverine.  The amount of action in this story means that you can almost blink and miss it but there are some smart touches and it plays out with a glimpse of the future and a deeper plot that’s sure to appear further down the line.  Jeph Loeb writes and manages to get an action-packed tale into those few pages but it does feel like this was rushed a bit and the hint at a bigger story goes to show that it could well have filled an issue in its own right.  I wasn’t overly keen on the art in this one either – with Dale Keown on pencils, Danny Miki on inks and Frank D’Armata on colours there was something just not quite right with it.  The faces seemed skewed for all of the characters and it could be that given more time to develop I would have gotten use to them…..who knows?

An issue of two halves for sure with one I enjoyed and one I could skim and not really get the chance to connect to in any way – hopefully there will be more to that second story soon and it’ll maybe redeem itself then – until then we’ll keep up with the next A + X issues and find out.



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