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This month saw the 1st run of #13’s from DC’s Lanterns titles giving us the follow-on from Geoff Johns opening events in the Green Lantern annual (reviewed here).

DC’s main drive these days seems to be the crossover event but this was the first to kick-off and it was interesting to see how an event in the New52 universe would play out.  As this Lantern event covers from issue #13 through to #16 of each of the Lantern titles it was going to be interesting to see if they could tie them altogether successfully, especially when they have had such a mixed opening 12-issues so far.

Green Lantern #13 – writer Geoff Johns, artist Doug Mahnke

With brand new Green Lantern, Simon Baz getting his debut in issue #0 the story gets cranked up as his reluctance to take his place among the corps.  Thing is, that’s not his biggest problem now as he’s on the run following an accusation of being a terrorist.  An accusation that impacts his sister’s life too as she’s asked to take some leave from her job at the local school until after things calm down.  The first wave of the Third Army hits earth and starts their attack while Simon’s situation becomes even more complicated as the Justice League appear in the last page of the issue and are also in pursuit of the new GL.

Green Lantern Corps #13 – writer Peter J. Tomasi, artist CAFU

This issue opens as the Third Army continues to infest the galaxy all while Guy Gardner’s place changes within the Corps as he’s elevated to Green Sentinel.  A much more formal role for him as he assigned some escort duty to guard some important ambassadors back to OA.  Meanwhile, John Stewart finds out there’s a new GL in place on Earth and gets assigned to a new mission by the GL Guardians.  This all comes to a head as the Third Army close in on OA and Guy Gardner leaves his escort post to take them on…….all with the help of GL Vandor who quickly becomes their latest victim.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #13 – writer Tony Bedard, artists Andrei Bressan & Amilcar Pinna

In an issue with Kyle Rayner dealing with the devastation of his girlfriends death he’s soon fending of the attentions of Attrocitus as he’s trying to feed of his anger and get him on-board as a Red Lantern.  Something that Star Sapphire tries to stop but he ultimately gives into the Red side.  With Kyle now able to channel rage he’s in pursuit of the next colour/feeling to channel.  All while the Third Army infestation continues to take its victims.

Red Lanterns #13 – writer Peter Milligan, artist Miguel Sepulveda

As Atrocitus and his Red Lanterns continue their travels through the universe to vent their rage against the worst the galaxy has to offer we get a glimpse at another world facing the harsh and brutal fallout of war.  Something picked up by the Lanterns and swiftly taken care of in brutal fashion but there’s another glimpse at the Third Army as they try to attack Atrocitus.  A parasite-like being like the Third Army easily gets ripped to shreds by the Red Lanterns so we now know that they can at least be killed but not before they continue to grow their Third Army further

After a strong opener in the GL Annual I was keen to see how things progressed in these first #13’s for each GL title and while it may not have matched exactly to what I got from the Annual there’s still a lot on offer.  I still find myself gravitating to Peter Milligan’s work on Red Lanterns but I’m finding myself becoming increasingly impressed by the three other GL titles – the writing/art seems to have jumped to a new level in these #13’s – something that I had struggled to connect with previously.  Roll on those #14’s and someone get me a Red ring 😀



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