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KILLOGY #1 by G-Man

One of IDW’s latest releases sees an interesting mash-up of ideas featuring zombies and gangsters from creator Alan Roberts.

Three main characters thrown together in a cell spells out a surprise tale– it all opens with a “two mobsters and a lunatic girl” vibe to it but plays out much smarter than that.  With our female character on the verge of a breakdown following her apparently murdering her partner and jer two cell-mates try to help her out……but in true ego meeets ego style it all ends up in a brawl between them.

This is all a mere distraction to the real goings-on in this title as we get a first glimpse of the cop guarding these three prisoners…..a zombie set on eating their brains.  Caught in a cell with this outside would normally be an issue but our character Sally Sno-Cones has actually dealt with these before and we get an interesting interlude while he lays out the story to his two cellmates in a Tarantino like switch to a back-story where the latest job for Sally Sno-Cones to take care of three generations of his latest rival seems to go pear-shaped.

With his three targets tied up with bags over their heads – he sets out about his business – entering the residence of his self-named ice cream parlour with an aim to take care of his latest targets in the same way he has others…..bump them off, cut them up and hide them in the drums of “ice-cream” in the back.  Sounds simple enough but the remains of his previous victims come back from the dead and start attacking him…..some floaty heads and some gunfire later and Sally is on the run – which is how he ended up in jail in the first place.

It’s an interesting idea and while zombie stories may be getting close to saturation point in comics following the success of The Walking Dead there’s a definite push to take things in a new direction with this one.  The use of likenesses for the main characters gives it that “I recognize them” vibe and helps draw you in that little bit further so it’s kudos to Alan Roberts for that.  A big success here is the artwork with a clear choice of colours and fairly detailed yet gritty look at the world he’s developed.  The gangster speak is full of the f-word and pretty much any other swear word you can think of but it’s anger, it’s humour and it’s menace are deftly suggested with style.

A Sopranos-like world where Zombies are the enemy sounds like a sure-fire winner but we know in the numerous comics we read that there’s nothing certain.  Thankfully the art, the writing and pretty much everything else from Alan Roberts helps this title stand-out from the rest.



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