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GAMBIT #4 by G-Man
November 1, 2012, 11:09 am
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With the first three issues of Gambit’s new on-going series opening strong (reviewed here) the fourth issue would see the first arc reach its climax.

Opening in the strange cave from the end of issue #3 we see the cosmic events unfold and some really weird sh&% kick-off.  With the portal open Gambit and Joelle face the big question on whether they step into the unknown in pursuit of their main goal or give up and head home…..a bit of a no-brainer considering the main drive for this first arc…..but things don’t quite run that smooth as a multi-head monster crosses the void and essentially eats Joelle.

Gambit swings into full hero-mode and leaps head-first into the cosmic unknown in pursuit of the monster and more importantly Joelle.  The highly intense moments of the action sequences are nicely balanced with the romance element here as Gambit’s true motives for risking his life are played out and all after taking a gamble on bringing the monster to it’s knees.  Surely something that could only be appreciated by Joelle…..right???…, wrong.  A kiss is soon followed by a knock-out punch….and a blackout later Gambit finds himself alone and having to make his own way back to civilization.

Grudgingly returning back to his every-day life, the issue and arc plays out with a return to New York City and while struggling to find the motivation to keep moving he gains the gift of some help at the airport…..or so he thinks as the original victim of his theft in that opening issue picks him up with a clear eye on revenge.  I’ve warmed to Gambit in this series and I DO think that he should have his own series – how well this series develops is down to writer James Asmus who’s managed to pull of an action/mystery/romance in the space of just four issues – keeping Gambit and the other characters being introduced interesting and with enough depth to at least see the potential for longevity.  There’s some charged action sequences thanks to the art from Clay Mann, Seth Mann & Leonard Kirk plus the colouring talent of Rachelle Rosenberg.  This has all added a high level of detail and some smart layouts to boot.



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