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This five-part mini-series has been hyped up pretty big in the last few months as sneak peek at images have been released by Marvel but could it really live up to the hype?

Opening with a Spidey vs Punisher face-off we see an action –filled battle see Pete gain the upper hand over Frank but ultimately Frank wins this first round and leaves Spidey dazed in his wake but the most interesting part is the reasons for things kicking off.  It seems that Frank has used some of Spidey’s tech to take out his most recent target…..and that’s got Pete riled up.

Pete recovers quickly but not before Frank has made his escape and he calls a meeting of some key members from the Avengers – Thor, Tony Stark, Black Widow, Steve Rogers & Logan.  All called together to meet and discuss their approach to The Punisher and mainly their lack of action on someone who openly flaunts the laws they have sworn to uphold.  A case that no-one takes him up on and they soon make their way back to their own lives…..although one member of the group aggress with Pete’s views and Steve has a lot of weight in the Marvel world as we know.  Let’s be honest if Cap makes a decision, most other characters would fall in line and there’s no difference in this case as The Punisher becomes #1 in the Avengers most wanted.  He still has an ally in their midst though as Logan sneaks into his current hideout to warn him of his impending pursuit, making sure that he destroys his hideout, covers his tracks and go on the run.  He does just that but I can’t imagine things will stay that way for long in future issues of this arc.

With the writing starting at a fairly high-octane pace and maintaining that throughout this first issue flew by but in this case it’s a good thing…’s the quality that keeps it moving, so kudos to Greg Rucka for the success on the storytelling front here.  Carmine Di Giandomenico on art and Matt Hollingsworth on colours we have recognizable and energy-filled art on show here too….again keeping in-line with the high pace of the story and keeping the action sequences flowing with minimum effort.  A strong opening issue which makes me wish this was a weekly release like the recent Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe or AvsX: Consequences……..a month is just too long but we’ll see how those sneak peek images play out in the future issues of this.



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