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LET’S PLAY GOD #1 by G-Man
October 31, 2012, 3:48 pm
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With an all female band called Doomed Earth at the centre of this new release from IDW – I was keen to see how this new horror comic would fair.

An interesting opener from writers Brea & Zane Grant sees band member Mel witness a brutal murder of an unknown man who seems keen on photographing the band members.  Seeing the strange masked figure committing the crime is only the start of Mel’s issues as an interrogation by police and her relationships with the other band members become strained…..more for the typical struggles of a band than anything else but there’s an air of something else going on suggested throughout this first issue.

Mel’s partner Billy (another member of the band) has some secrets to share and as the interrogation progresses with the police and even afterwards they try to return to some level of normalcy there is more to be explored in this one.  If anything, the first issue keeps up a strong momentum but I’m not entirely sure what’s going to develop over the course of the four issues given the pace……I’m sure the next issues will reveal that though.

Another highlight for me was the artwork from EricJ – whose art I know quite well from previous work on Rex Mundi.  Clean, tight scenes with some smart touches and close attention to detail on the faces and dark scenery on show.  There were a few pages that suffered from the panel layout where things didn’t quite flow as well as they might have done but I’m hopeful that it keeps up with the momentum set out by the writing and manages to emphasise some of the true horror and fear seen for our main characters.  A good start for a new title and it’ll be good to see how the sinsiter hints will play out for each of the band members as there luck runs out.



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