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October 30, 2012, 11:11 am
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The AvsX fallout continues as we hit the midway point of Kieron Gillen’s take on just how things would play out after the event.

With issue #1 seeing a mish-mash of different story lines being introduced and issue #2 firmly focusing on Cyclops and his interrogation by Wolverine – I was interested to see where this midway point in the 5-part arc would take us.  While it remains firmly involved on that Cyclops arc we do get a glimpse of those other storylines throughout this issue.  Opening with a glimpse of Iron Man’s time in the mystic city of K’un-Lun we see his offer of scientific know-how and resources to help repair the damage being turned down in favour of a simpler approach to life in general.

We’re then whisked back to where we left off with Cyclops and his mutant friend being surrounded by the other inmates and while we may have been lead to believe that Cyclops was ready to enter martyrdom with open arms but he soon fends them all off with clinical precision and not an optic blast in sight.

That’s kind of how this third issue plays out – with a glimpse of an incarcerated Emma Frost, some page time with Storm as she tries to cope with her personal problems from AvsX and we even get to see Hope trying to settle back into normal life and while these moments may become significant later on they distracted me slightly from the most interesting arc with Cyclops settling into prison life.  While he does that, he’s watched via video link by the likes of Captain America and Wolverine and its here that we get by far the most interesting sequences.

Still unclear where the series will go and what Cyclops plan really is – it’s obviously much more intricate than JUST dealing with the fallout and there are some strange communications between Cyclops and an unseen accomplice via some salt… have to see it in context to accept it I think :D.  Vowing not to be labelled a criminal and still with a firm idea that he was right – there’s something more going on here and I can’t even see it…’s just hinted at just now and that’s the most intriguing thing that Gillen has managed to invoke here.

The artwork is ok in the main but as the other elements creep in and become a distraction – it feels like the art just adds to that.  Having a much rougher feeling to it than maybe even that first or second issue and yet it’s gritty and tight with the prison part of the story.  Giving just as much reason to focus on this part of the story, all through the detail in the cells or fluidity of the fight scenes.



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