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October 24, 2012, 10:15 am
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A strong opening issue (reviewed here) following the AvsX event itself would see this five-part weekly release stay on my pull-list but could #2 hold onto that strength.

The truth is, yes it could but this second issue takes a step away from the collection of events in issue #1 to focus on just one of those stories – something we should’ve really expected from the ending if that first issue.  With an incarcerated Cyclops getting a visit from Wolverine… was a matter of time before things kicked off but the reasons behind that were surprising.  A verbal trade between them both sees things get just a bit too personal and soon the “snikts” are flying.

The truth behind Cyclops pushing Logans buttons… become a martyr….something that Logan realises in just enough time to stop him killing Cyclops.  Nothing has changed for either of them – both single-minded and both aiming to fight to the death for their beliefs.  Something that Logan lets go and he leaves Cyclops to rot in his prison cell…..but that’s not how this issue plays out.  Prison life can be predictable but the “top man” has Cyclops in his sights and even with a fellow mutant prisoner on his side….he’s still fully prepared to become the martyr his cause demands……I used to like Cyclops 😀

A prison drama playing out where Cyclops and Logan go head to head sounds pretty amazing to me and while this could’ve provided an all-out slug-fest – Kieron Gillen has taken it down the less predictable route.  Retaining that feeling of depth and with a cliffhanger ending keeping us intrigued for that third issue.  Given the route the story has taken, it’s maybe just as well this is a weekly release because in no time at all we’ll get the answers we’re after…..or at least I hope we will.  The art from Steve Kurth holds a similar edge to that of Tom Raney – with a consistent level of detail in the faces between the two issues….no Cap costume to compare here but the prison scenes are held tight throughout.



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