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This IDW release brings something completely different from anything I’ve read before with Brendan McCarthy & Al Ewing’s Zaucer of Zilk #1.

Lets be honest from that cover alone you’ll know it’s going to be quite possibly the craziest read you’ll have had this year but the truth is…’s a pretty straight-forward good vs evil tale.  The difference here though is just how inventive and imaginative the series is.  A glimpse of the dull real world is short-lived as our main story takes place in the most colourful and eccentric dimension of Zilk.  Where out main character Zilk catches up with his forgotten friends – Spantalex, a hovering helicopter woman and Crissymouth, the dog/man that’s one of Zilks best friends.

With an air of Monty Python meets Yellow Submarine we’re swept along by some pretty AMAZING artwork from Brendan McCarthy as he blows our mind with every bright and interesting page…..and as much as the art can dazzle us like a light-bulb we refuse to look away from…..we get some smart and weaving writing that draws us in further.  All the while we’re having our senses bombarded from both aspects of this we get to soak in the story of Zaucer as he tries to gain his memories back and get used to the strange characters of his newfound surroundings.

With strange characters drifting in and out of the panels the wild concepts guide us through to trying to save an innocent fan of Zaucer from the clutches of his arch-nemesis Errol Raine.  Mind-blowing, mind-expanding and rather than it being light on detail there’s lots of well though-out and crafted sequences….getting into a pair of “Fancy Pants” to cross dimensions has got to be one of the most fun ideas in a comic for YEARS.  I’m hyped for part two.

Top art, top writing and I’d be highly surprised if you’ve read anything like this before.  Go on…..BLOW your MIND!!!



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