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HAWKEYE #3 by G-Man
October 23, 2012, 1:06 pm
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It’s no secret that Hawkeye is really more about Clint and his messed up day-to-day life and given how successful that direction has been I hope they stick with that for the foreseeable future as this latest issue continues that vibe.

Issue three keeps the same momentum as the previous issues and sees a typically action-packed opening chase scene where Clint highlights how bad this all looks and how it’s terrible idea number three in a series of nine terrible ideas that day.  There something to be said with this approach as it’s almost like Clint sitting next to you in a bar telling you his story or Ferris Bueller looking straight into camera and telling you what’s what……we’re engaged as readers from that first page.

From this brief glimpse of what lies ahead we settle back at the beginning where Clint organizes his collection of arrow under the watchful eye of fellow Hawkeye, Kate Bishop.  It’s unclear just how “involved” these two are but as Clint heads out for some labels, he offers to buy a strange woman’s impressive car and ends up in bed with her… it’s obviously a fairly professional one they have so far.  This is where the issue delves into Clint’s ability to find trouble……as his new found friend has her apartment attacked by a gang of helmet wearing thugs – the heavy use of the “bro” word from gang members returns too but it wasn’t as annoying as it was in that first issue.

As Clint tries to fight back, albeit in the nude (with a strategic Hawkeye headshot as shown above) he gets his ass kicked and his lady friend is kidnapped and bundled into the back of a car.  Cue a call to his back-up Kate and we’re off on the chase.  A high-paced, quirky and funny chase unfolds as Clint runs through his arrows mentioned earlier.  All the while he’s checking off his terrible ideas as he goes closing out with saving the day and ending up with the girl in proper hero fashion.

Quite possibly one of the most enjoyable books that I get on a monthly basis and these opening three issues (See the reviews for #1 & #2) have showcased some top writing from Fraction.  The art style flows so easily and the panel layouts give a firm episodic feel to each issue bringing with it a modern, pop-culture feel to them that just works on a number of levels.  A smart escape from superhero comics and still giving us that feeling of realism in the world of Clint.



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