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October 20, 2012, 4:35 pm
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The Punisher aka Frank Castle gets a sci-fi/B-Movie makeover in this 4-parter from writer Frank Tieri & artist Mark Texeira.

This initially felt like a fairly one-dimensional take on the character with the mini opening with some typically over-the-top violence as The Punisher’s thirst for revenge takes over.  Some much recognized Marvel characters appear throughout the series and are wiped out pretty quickly…..all with a follow-up one-liner that DID add to a constant thread of humour.  Entertaining but there is a point where this became a bit wearing so I was thankful that there was at least some glimmer of normalcy when some poignant moments are dropped in as Frank reminisces over footage of his beloved family.

Although those moments were short lived – the inventive take on those other Marvel characters played a significant part in keeping a high momentum with the story as a cross-galaxy quest could’ve been drawn out for MANY more issues.  While the writing kept a clear level of violence going, there was also that humour, the cameo’s straining to hold the story together and it could’ve all fallen apart if not for the artwork.

Texeira manages to offer up some impressive imagery and rather than aiming for the strict blood & gore that he could’ve done – he kept that to a minimum or at least kept it limited to a one-panel kill where he could.  Although it was pretty unavoidable when it came to Space Hulk as the violence flowed in gory style but this just came as part of the plot (thankfully).

An interesting take on The Punisher with less of the heart I always seem to expect from the character but the humour and artwork help hold this together.  Could be that I’m looking at this to be too deep and I was entertained for those 4-issue…..I just felt like there was something missing.



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