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With the AvsX event finishing just recently (reviewed here) – there’s still some story to be told ahead of some titles finishing up and Marvel Now! kicking in.

A 5-issue weekly release from Marvel sees the aftermath of AvsX play out and issue one sees several loose ends being laid out by writer Kieron Gillen – opening with an attempt to help Wakanda by Wolverine virtually thrown back in his face by their attack.  Wolverine and his student recruits are sent home with their tails firmly between their legs.  We see Cyclops interrogated ahead of his incarceration in a new mutant prison, the search for Magneto continues, Hope & Scarlet Witch try to work out what they do next and all with Captain America trying to hold things together.

A mish-mash of things needing resolved but it’s held together by Gillen with style – tying some brief moments of action with a much more in-depth, soul-searching moments as the attempts to put things back together after the whole AvsX event go on.  If anything, it’s the writing that keeps some of that AvsX momentum going.  Where AvsX lacked some depth, this has a much more reflective air about it – no wonder given some of those significant moments.

It’s a welcome adjustment between the event itself and dealing with the fallout – a strong first issue and I can see Gillen guiding us through and maybe even giving us a glimpse of what we’ll see from his involvement in the Marvel Now! titles he’s attached to.  The art here is pretty clean from Tom Raney with a strong focus on facial expressions and even some impressive touches in those few action scenes – the one minor quibble I have is Cap himself and some other pieces with Hope – the costumes just look a bit out of place compared to what we saw in AvsX itself…..but that should hopefully change in the remaining 4-issues.

A good follow-up to an event and I’m hoping Gillen and Raney can keep this one ticking over nicely.



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