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The third instalment of these releases sees The Avengers take centre-stage in the events that rocked the Marvel Universe and saw the breakout of the virus that converted some much-loved characters to mindless cannibals.

Where we saw the Punisher make his way through the ruins of the world in the first part, Wolverine tread through the bodies during the last days of the fall in part two, we’re now in the midst of the war itself as we open with Hawkeye making the tough choices that need to be made to try and win the war.  Writer Jonathan Mulberry and artist Leandro Fernandez bring us a strong addition to this line as a highly detailed war story and race for survival plays out – if you’ve read the previous 4-issue mini’s you’ll know the final result but here we get the chance to have those details laid out.

Even if you haven’t read the predecessors you should still get something from this as it opens with a strong narrative from Hawkeye as he makes his way through his current mission.  Leading us through to Nick Fury’s command center and the rallying words of Captain America as he tries to buy some time for the scientific members from the Marvel line-up who are struggling to find a cure and help save the world.

The brutal end that some of your favourite characters meet can be disheartening – as it was in those previous instalments but there is always something to be said for that car crash mentality that keeps us intrigued enough to find out more.  The moody art adds more to a much deeper story than the mindless cannibals could have brought us as we see the hero numbers dwindle through to that final page reveal of an apparent cure from an unlikely source….I won’t spoil it.

If you have read the other parts to this then you should read this……if you haven’t then you should still read this because it’s definitely got that fresh feel to it while holding true to the familiar – a difficult approach to balance and keep interesting but one that writer/artist have managed to pull-off.  Fun old fashioned fight to the death tale with a poignant edge to it – what’s not to like?



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