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The deep questions set out by Jonathan Osterman aka Dr Manhattan in issue #1 (reviewed here) were a welcome surprise from the standout Before Watchmen release but it was interesting to see if the next issue could follow-up on its success.

After J. Michael Straczynski’s deep look at the BIG questions plaguing our central character in issue #1 – there’s a clear push to keep this tale firmly in the scientific realm of our central character and maintain the quality that we now expect.  There’s a twist on this issue though as early on we’re looking at the decisions in Osterman’s life that could have lead to such a different outcome for him.  Clearly broken down to it’s simplest left or right choice we see the page setup take shape showing alternate choices in alternate worlds playing out alongside each other.

Quite a high concept for a comic book to tackle but one that this title seems to tackle so well – with the writing and artwork proving to be in sync – offering us the kind of winding narrative and far-out thinking that we rarely see in a comic book or any other format.  A welcome step into a highly thought-provoking piece of work that I can’t recommend highly enough and the split between possible worlds is a smart approach.  It’s particularly good since the artwork is so clean and detailed in the first place that we almost get a second chance to soak that artwork in….and even play spot the difference between the two.

At this midway point, I’ve probably got more questions than answers but given the enjoyment these two-issues have been to read and look at, I’m fine with not dwelling on that too much and instead look forward to issues 3 & 4.  I can’t see this series faltering in any way given these first two issues and yet at the same time…..I can’t se how the story here can be contained within a 4-issue mini but maybe that’s going to be part of the fun.

Get this on your pull-list and catch issues #1 & #2 as soon as you can.



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