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This issue sees part two of the Venom/Scarlet Spider crossover take hold and we pick up where we left off in the one-shot opener Minimum Carnage: Alpha.

Scarlet Spider vs Venom was always going to be a great place to kick-off this second part and following the escape of Carnage in the last issue a calm talk turns into much more as Flash aka Venom loses control.  If anything, the success of Scarlet Spider is its complete step away from under that Amazing Spider-Man shadow – with Kaine being much more of a hard-ass and clearly relishing his no-nonsense approach.  This makes for a much funnier title and the smart censoring of his uncontrolled swearing helps add to the tone of the book and this crossover as a result.

Flash gains control again and their squabble eases off as Kaine walks off, refusing to chase Carnage as he’s no threat to him in the other universe.  A fact that isn’t good enough for Flash as he could always make his way back and cause more mayhem than he has already – a much more likely occurrence as we get a bit more info on the details of the deal that lead to his breakout from prison and the strange benefactors of his “help” in this new universe.

Flash makes the choice to step across to the new universe but not before Kaine’s conscience takes over and he returns to help, something they continue to squabble over as they step across the void.  They arrive in this other universe in different locations and the dangers make themselves apparent almost instantly.  Freaky, vicious fairies and angry monsters await them both and we’re left on a “What the F@%&?” moment in true Scarlet Spider style.

With strangers appearing amidst their fight for life in their new surroundings and if anything I’m wondering where Carnage was in this issue but that’s maybe just a minor quibble as his brief appearance mid-issue DID add some extra detail to the plot.  Typically consistent art in Scarlet Spider from Khoi Pham w/ Reilly Brown on pencils, Tom Palmer w/Chris Sotomayor on inks and Delgado & Soto on colours gives the handling of the plot a real depth and subtlety throughout – keeping the story fresh and flowing.  Chris Yost builds on the success he and Cullen Bunn were able to develop in part one of this crossover and even though we have a tale crossing universes there is still a strong tie to the realistic edges of the characters keeping that element of fun in an event that is clearly going to get messy.

Part three due out soon in Venom #26….and that’s going to hit this week



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