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The first of the Marvel Now! titles hit with Uncanny Avengers and following a good (but not great) AvsX event (reviewed here) I was interested to see just how things would go for the new direction Marvel have chosen to take.

With Rick Remender writing and John Cassaday on art – this issue one saw Marvel’s first new creative team pick-up in the aftermath of AvsX.  Opening with a fairly gruesome brain-op scene we’re dropped in the middle of some key events in this new title.  As Wolverine gives the eulogy at one of the most significant casualties from the event, Professor Charles Xavier we also get to see Alex Summers aka Havok paying a visit to an incarcerated Cyclops – so we’ve got an X-Men heavy opener to this issue.

Cue the arrival of Captain America & Thor as they try to build their new look Avengers when they approach Havok.  Interrupting their discussions over some coffee, comes villain Avalanche, set on getting some revenge on the humans that have caused the mutants so much grief and we’re dropped into some all-out action.  We quickly realise that he’s post-op from our opening scenes and the rescue/battle sees Avalanche kill himself as calmly as he kicked everything off and we’re clearly already involved in a bigger plot.

From here we ease into a scene with Wanda Blake visiting the grave of Professor X and a confrontation kicks-off between her and Rogue but this soon becomes interrupted by our developing plot.  This opens up further with the final scenes as the gruesome opener goes full circle and we get the big reveal of the villain behind it all.  Unexpected (unless you’ve seen the cover of issue #2) and there’s definitely a solid build-up going on in this new title.

The entire issue has been crafted by Remender and where AvsX lacked the depth that I’d hoped, this has it in abundance.  Poignant moments mix with action moments which in turn mix with a fairly gruesome plot and a smart reveal…..all the while giving strong characterisation and page-time to the main players for this opener.  I hope the momentum holds with this and the other Marvel Now! titles we have on their way and maybe the success of AvsX will be as much with the resulting titles and direction they take as opposed to the central event title itself…….time will tell.



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