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October 14, 2012, 11:20 pm
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A soon to be released graphic novel from Com.X sees creators Lee Robson (writer) and Bryan Coyle (artist) mess with science and religion – I’m on-board for that alone 😀

The story behind Babble sees Carrie Hartnoll turn a life with no direction into a move to the USA and a fresh start…all after the chance meeting with an ex-boyfriend, Alan.  Opening in the midst of an apparent disaster we we see how the promise of a chance to start over works out.  Before going back to see her joining a new research team aiming high with their latest project and this proves to be the thing she’s been after for years.  Sounds easy and the silver-lining seems to be the chance to rekindle her relationship with Alan….a married man.

The complexities of Carrie’s personal life run alongside the excitement of a new challenge in her career – a mystery surrounding the suicide of a prominent member of the research team, an affair with Alan and settling in to an American way of life soon blurs with the research on campus.  Add to the fact that Alan’s wife is on the same research team and the chances of things going messy are escalated. ….but if anything that’s kind of the point with this title.

The research project itself surrounds the language of Babel and a clear indication that its application in a world where communication is key; could help the team reap some serious benefits.  The suicide has clearly damaged the team’s reputation but the drive to unravel the mystery has pushed the team to the brink as strained relationships in both work and private life continue to crossover.  Something which is handled with a stroke of genius as they intermingle present day with flashback with a clear ability to tackle the detail of the research and the reality of life at the same time.  An idea enforced with the artistic style they’ve chosen, where there’s a colour for present day and a colour for flashback…..a smart approach and one that pays off as it gives a simplified way of following the story being told.

That being said, there’s nothing simple about the story itself and with the subject matter in hand, they could have so easily shot them selves in the foot by focusing on just the Science bit.  Dodging that bullet by having just as much page time on the real-life relationships and injecting some humour into the day-to-day goings on of the group.  Coyle & Robson seem to be in perfect sync on their approach to this title and with a little bit of digging, it turns out they’ve had a pretty hard time of things as they have tried to make this title a reality –with publishing problems, health problems and a whole host of other hurdles along the way.  I’m REALLY glad they did though because this is the kind of title that Comics Anonymous has been fortunate enough to become increasingly exposed to as part of the blog.  A fresh and interesting story which steps us out of the superhero genre and into something different, something that the independent comic book scene just seems to becoming better and better at offering – a notion titles like this can only enforce on regular and new comic book readers.

Available for pre-order now (Previews code OCT120971) – I’d suggest you pick it up ASAP and enjoy.

Can order it through Com.X too:



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