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GAMBIT #1-3 by G-Man
October 5, 2012, 2:26 pm
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It almost seems about time that Gambit had his own series as he’s always seemed to have a certain level of appeal but somehow he’s managed to remain cool but not gain enough ground to maintain a series – that all changed when Marvel kicked off this series a couple of months ago.

For new readers to Gambit you’ll be brought up to speed on him pretty quick as the opening issue introduces his true character and his playboy/high-class thief persona is there for all to see.  Bluffing his way into an exclusive party of a super-rich crime boss……we see a chance diversion being taken advantage of as his real goal is made apparent.  He’s there to rip-off the boss, break into his heavily guarded and highly secretive safe to steal a single object among a gigantic collection of rare artifacts.  He’s in, out and hooked up with another mysterious guest that catches his eye at the party and in no time at all there’s an instant attraction between the two.

The item he stole turns into a starfish shaped object and fuses itself to his chest……that’ll teach him.  We’re now on a quest to save Gambit’s life….or at least remove the object from his chest as it’s burrowing its way in further.  With some “help” from his underground contacts he gets nowhere and he’s on the case to find out more about the origins of the strange object.  More break-ins are on the cards as he stakes a claim on some ancient texts linked to his new chest piece……in steps the mysterious stranger from the party and she turns out to be a rival in his attempts to claim the objects and gather more info.

A rival/partnership strikes up as they both team-up to try and solve the mystery they’re both dragged into ….as much for their mutual attraction of each other as their pursuit of the next big cash-in.  Issue three ends on a climax as we gain the latest clue to a key piece of the puzzle in Guatemala and a cave visit soon sparks off the strange object and the mystery surrounding it goes all cosmic on us.

A great adventure tale from writer James Asmus and it’s elevated Gambit from the shadows as an X-Men extra and landed him pretty solidly in his own series and in his own world…about damn time.  Even better is the smart & slick artwork from Clay Mann (Pencils) & Seth Mann (Inks) – giving the action scenes a definite feeling of urgency and excitement and mingling the mystery and skill in the world of a thief.

This is well worth a read for fans of Gambit and new readers but it’s held a strong and consistent level of quality in these first three issues…..leaving me with high hopes for future issues.



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