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After losing my way on some of the Lanterns titles – sticking to just the Red variety – I’ve clambered my way back in time to see Geoff Johns take us on another EPIC Lanterns event in the “Rise of the Third Army” a tale crossing each of the titles and starting firmly in the Green Lantern Annual.

If you’ve read any of Geoff’s epics such as Blackest Night, War of the Green Lanterns, you’ll know that he’s able to pull-off an intricate mesh of ideas that build into an almost guaranteed “WTF?” moment…..or a series of them in some cases.  Not everyone enjoys these events but these events have been my main reason for getting into the Green Lantern titles and clambering to get hold of more of these great stories.

This Green Lantern Annual tells us a bit more of the Guardians and their need to gain control and order in the galaxy….something they tried with their first army of Guardians but ultimately failed as they butchered an entire sector (including Atrocitus home world of Ryutt as seen in Red Lanterns #0), The Green Lanterns were their second army but they also failed as will power became something they couldn’t control as they had hoped.

This brings us to a deeper secret within the lanterns as the First Lantern is still held captive in secret by the Guardians and their push for more control sees them tackle the original protectors of this secret and to bring the Black Hand firmly into the plot as they use him as another pawn in their plot.  We get some Green Lantern casualties along the way…….including Sinestro & Hal Jordan it seems but I’m sure that won’t be as clear-cut as we think….it never is with these epic events.

The detail in the art from Ethan Van Sciver is exceptional on this issue – something that definitely brings the story and sense of depth to what could easily be seen as some sort of rehash and while there is a brief moment of de ja vue on this issue – especially if you’ve read the aforementioned Lantern events but I’m still inclined to give this the benefit of the doubt and catch-up with issues #13-16 of each of the lanterns titles over the next four months.

I’m hoping that the cross-title event will see Johns bring us some key moments for the Lanterns on each individual title and in the Corps as a whole.



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