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October 2, 2012, 11:51 am
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Issue #694 of Amazing Spider-Man sees the trials of Peter Parker and new sidekick/pain in the ass Alpha continue following his arrival in issues #692 & 693…….but as the cover suggests we’ve got a face-off on our hands.

However, this issue starts with Peter still trying to find an answer to Alpha’s increasing powers and for a way to reverse them developing further.  A few annoying quips from Alpha and Pete’s at the end of his rope, getting no where with his tests and in bad need of some air.  A quick change to Spidey and he finds himself slap bang in the middle of an Avengers vs epic god in the form of Terminus.

A battle that unfortunately needs the attention of Alpha who answers the call and high-tails it from Japan to Manhattan…..funny how all these events happen in the New York area.  So the cocky Alpha heads straight into the battle and it all unfolds as he is just a bit too cocky……what’s more surprising is that Terminus holds the key to draining Alpha of his powers….a fact that Pete spots and is quick to take advantage of as the battle plays out amidst a daring save from Spidey of Aunt May and her husband Jay Jamieson when they are caught in the crossfire.

It’s at this stage that Alpha makes a return to Horizon Labs for his “regular” tests with Peter but Spidey waits to meet him and try out his latest development based on the Terminus tech.  Alpha is stripped of his powers and although they will gradually return he’s been returned to a struggling, high school teenager…..bizarrely enough, I kinda feel sorry for him for a sec…..but then I realize he’s going to stop annoying me and things will be fine.

A sidekick for Spidey that seems to have lasted all of 3 issues seems strange and the arc itself feels like a bit of a stop-gap while we aim to reach that #700 in the coming months.  The fact we know Alpha’s powers will return in time may be setting things up for his return but with Marvel confirming that Amazing Spider-Man will stop with #700 – it all seems like a bit of an anti-climax.

That being said, there’s a teaser for the next arc in the final page of this issue and I’m hopeful that we get some key stories in the next 4/5 issues.  Not much of an improvement on the previous two issues but definitely holding steady from both Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos – bringing us a varied look at Peter Parker and Spider-man’s life as they both become more complicated.



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