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THE FLASH #0 by G-Man
October 1, 2012, 10:23 pm
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The final week of DC’s issue #0 releases sees my favourite of the New 52 titles take a look back at the origin that brought us Barry Allen as The Flash.

Just like the #1 from the reboot we have Francis Manapul and Brian Buccelato share the writing, art & colouring duties in an issue that chronicles the details surrounding the accident that changed Barry’s life.  An event that saw him hospitalized from the explosion in the lab and we are gifted some flashbacks to the events that helped shape the early life of our central character.

Barry drifts in and out of consciousness and Manapul & Buccelato build us up a picture through a series of flashbacks in muted tones, telling us more of the Allen family history with an unsettled family life leading to the apparent death of his mother at the hands of his father.  Seeing his mother’s body in his own home as the crime scene builds around her proves to be a life-changing moment that shapes the path Barry will take as he aims for a career in the lab to help prove his father’s innocence.

Barry’s struggle through the years, his constant visits to his father in prison and the closeness he has with his adoptive father all play out alongside each other as Barry’s recovery continues.  A recovery that seems to suddenly occur in typical Flash fashion and in an issue that sees the accident and recovery take centre stage as we get to grips with the motivation that Barry has been following in these last twelve issues.  We even get to see a glimpse of Barry developing his suit in a one-pager that just emphasizes the “cool” in this book.

What’s even more amazing in this title is that month after month we see an almost endless number of ideas on panel setup and intricate designs on incorporating art/words in so many fresh new ways….something that helps make this title standout even further from a sometimes formulaic mass of titles.

The writing/art in this title is just as solid as it has always been, with the colours emanating a glow from the pages that somehow becomes secondary as there just seems to be a life in this book that few others are able to achieve.  The Flash was a highlight for me in 2011 and the creative team on-board are making sure that this remains a highlight for me in 2012……that’s no mean feat given the quality titles we’ve seen in the last nine months.

Another success for me and another reason to jump on-board and catch-up with The Flash….if you can.



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