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HOAX HUNTERS #0-3 by G-Man
September 27, 2012, 11:32 am
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Image have grown to become a favourite for the Comics Anonymous group and it’s no wonder when you consider the quality of the titles they seem to produce and with such a wide range of topics, covering superheroes, horror, thrillers and every other genre you could list.

The latest of these titles I’ve picked up is Hoax Hunters #0-3 – where issue #0 collects previously released material seen in the Hack/Slash Image title and seemed that little but harder to get hold of for some reason…..but us geeks have our sources 😀  I’m actually glad I tracked this down first and read them all back to back as the feel and flow of the title made a massive difference….almost like buying a DVD boxset and watching it right through.

Hoax Hunters is a TV show setting out to publicly disprove  the vast number of myths, folklore and conspiracies that crop up from blurry photo’s and questionable eyewitnesses.  That in itself is a myth as their real aim is to help cover these up as they appear and keep the general public in the dark.  So the mish-mash of characters form a team with one of the most interesting ideas being “Murder” – a Russian astronaut made-up entirely of crows – MIND BLOWN!

The group travel the US in search of their next cover-up mission – meeting town hicks, circus freaks and Sasquatch along the way…..not to mention cults and giant monsters.  As you can tell, there’s a fairly wide range of ideas on offer and the Fringe/X-Files vibe makes a welcome change of pace in a smart title.  Writers Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley have managed to piece together an intriguing group of characters and the plot twists and turns through every issue.  What’s even more enjoyable is that they manage to end the issues on a cliff-hanger making me wish the next issue was out sooner.

The art itself stays consistent too with a quirky style to it with the added mix of a different cover artist for each issue and some cracking pinups included too.  Issue #4 will be the final part of the first arc but I’m keen to stick with this title as it picks up in each issue.

Head over to their blog page for more info:

Hoax Hunters



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