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IDW brings us issue #2 of Mark Waid’s mystery/adventure starring the Rocketeer –taking us through to the midway point of this 4-issue mini.  Following a strong opening issue (reviewed here) I had high hopes that the pulp-themed fun would continue.

With issue one giving us a clear intro to Cliff Secord’s daily life as a pilot and his volatile relationship with his actress girlfriend Betty (modelled on Betty Page) – we get a much more in-depth look at his Rocketeer side in issue #2.  Starting off on the mysterious delivery down at the docks and henchman vs the big boss showdown on the progress of the latest arrival….namely the creature held in the belly of the boat… least until it makes its escape.  Much to the annoyance of the man in charge known as The Master, sparking a new target for the criminal element…..that new target is the Rocketeer.

Meanwhile in Cliff’s life, a new government inspector arrives to ground him while he’s under investigation….the usual sparks with Betty fly as a result and Cliff is flung into his Rocketeer gear to escape his own messed up life.  This plays into the hands of the mobsters who are after him and we have an all out tug of war as he is finally captured and held hostage on the boat.  The criminal plot and the twists in this adventure are coming together as Waid is weaving these multiple levels into each other with ease.  This is helping with the build-up as the mystery and adventure elements are mixing well with the angst in Cliff’s personal life…..the sparks with Betty and the highs and lows there are building the sympathy with Cliff as he struggles to get through his life intact.

The art is as strong and consistent here as it was in the first issue and a strong colour pallet just helps this become a complete package.  Artist Chris Samnee & Colourist Jordie Bellaire seem perfectly matched to both Waid’s vision and the Rocketeer character’s, supplying us the strong visuals we’d expect in the real-life and the adventure elements.  With a typically exciting and cliffhanger ending (no pun intended) I can’t see where the 4-issues will go next…..but that’s all part of the fun and holds true to the pulp feel that the character demands.  Roll-on issues 3 & 4 so I can find out where this is all going…..but then at the same time I don’t think I want it to end after just 4 issues.



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