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We’re now onto the final part of this four issue mini where we’ve sat on the shoulder of Deadpool as he works through the big names at Marvel but how was it going to end???

Like the previous three issues (Reviewed here – #1, #2, #3) we open in the midst of chaos and carnage as Deadpool’s latest plan plays out resulting in the deaths of even more of the characters we recognize.   All as a reporter fulfils his editor’s wishes of bringing the action as it happens and we see superheroes & supervillians standing alongside each other, on top of a building, throwing themselves to their death.  All at the hands of Deadpool and under the watchful eyes sight of the Punisher.  Tracking to find his target and stop Deadpool in his tracks, a well-aimed shot later and Punisher is on the move to finish the job…………but it ain’t that easy with Deadpool’s long-play on the go.

Deadpool 1 – Punisher 0.

We now enter the final part of Deadpool’s plot as he faces of against his pursuer, Taskmaster but then he’s even accounted for that and brings Man-Thing into the game to help and play a key piece in his real plan as hinted at in the finale of issue #3 – crossing into another universe but what we get is much more surprising than you may think and such a well thought out twist compared with the usual plot you’d expect.

That’s thanks to Cullen Bunn as he writes us an epic and entertaining end to a well thought out addition to the Marvel titles.  An all-out journey through the Marvel Universe on the Deadpool murder train calling at all stops and the humour and interest in which character he’ll kill next mixes with the ultra-violence of a Mature title for Marvel.  A welcome change in my opinion and that’s been the making of this mini-series – that and the smart move of scheduling this as a weekly release.

Combined again with glorious art from Dalibor Talajic – with its mix of detailed scenes and minimalist action sequences while still managing to capture the menace of Deadpool and the good & bad sides of the characters he’s pursuing.  Being able to include and kill the entire Marvel in 4-issues has been a strangely satisfying thing to watch – could be I’ve got a warped idea of what’s entertaining but I think it’s really just an escape from the usual day-to-day bad guy fight’s good guy tales.

Another top cover from Kaare Andrews and the success of the series has already had a 2nd print confirmed, complete with variant covers and well worth a look for anyone who’s missed this gem.  There will be people who don’t “get” this book I’m sure and who’ll question the need for this approach but at the end of the day it’s been fun, surprising and thankfully produced with an adult audience in mind, showing some true respect for us age-old fans.



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