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The Deadpool killing spree continues with the penultimate issue of this 4-part mini – but who’s the latest addition to the body count and how does Deadpool finish them off?

Like Issue #2 (Reviewed here) the 3rd issue opens with a 1st page rundown of kills between issues with Green Goblin and Venom among them and letting you know that Deadpool is hard at work even between these weekly releases……if anything, it begs the question as to “how he made these kills?”, details that we can only imagine and pester Cullen Bunn to divulge.

We get a glimpse of Taskmaster as he continues his attempts to track Deadpool down but seems to be waaaaay behind him as the issue delves deeper into the next set of victims – The X-men.  Deadpool taking on a team seems a bit hopefully but he’s brought the smarts as we progress through this mini series and the feeling that he could, in fact, kill the entire Marvel Universe within 4 issues.  First up for the Deadpool torture is Professor X, beaten and tied to a chair while Deadpool lays out the how’s, what’s, and where’s of the other X-men and their demise.  The torture of the Professor is really the catalyst for the other kills as his telepathic cry for help brings the team into the various traps set by Deadpool.  Cyclops, Colossus and even Magneto fall victim to his traps – while the professor’s real end comes when he taps into Deadpool’s mind and sees the real hidden horror.

Last of the X-Men to arrive is Wolverine and we get a face-off between the two where the torture of X-23 & Daken triggers Wolverine’s usual head-strong attack on Deadpool but with his head switched on, he proves able to even outsmart the mighty Wolverine cutting him to pieces with a Carbonadium Samurai sword – the only real thing to mess with Wolvie’s healing factor.

Cue the final victim of the issue and we don’t even get to see his demise – we get to see the Taskmasters discovery of Dr Strange’s sacrificial corpse skewered to a table in the midst of his own home.  A ransacked series of sorcery books and artefacts give clues to Deadpools real plans – with a bloodied Deadpool symbol crudely drawn on a map of “the Nexus of all Realities” pulling an extremely understated response from Taskmaster – “Aw no – this can’t be good”.  No Sh$% Sherlock.

The issues are building now, gaining their depth from the writing as we get to see parts of Deadpool’s plot play out in every detail and then we’re only given mere glimpses of other parts.  In truth, Bunn is building Deadpool up to be a real threat with the kind of traps for Superhero & Supervillians that have helped outsmart even the best there is…..and what’s even better, we still have another issue to go.  The torture and killing has now almost slipped into the background as part of the “normal” part of the book and it’s the plans, the intricate details of the kills that have become the main focus of the title now.  All thanks to Bunn’s development of the central character as he shows the psychosis, the playful fun and the sometimes silly antics of Deadpool.  A broad range of elements for a character like this and all wrapped up in the artwork from Dalibor Talajic & colours from Lee Loughridge which help cement the elements of the characters we know and the ends the come to.

What’s more, I’m kinda rooting for Deadpool to succeed and I’m not really sure why – is it because I love the anarchic approach these titles bring or even the tactical, brutal ends some of the iconic characters come too… be honest…..I think it’s everything.  A dark and highly violent title that manages to escape from the softly, softly approach we get in some titles that are billed as “Mature” or “Parental Advisory” only to end up a PG outing.  One more issue of anarchy to come and I’m slightly disappointed in that and if anything, I’d like a bit more detail in those between-issue kills.  One thing I haven’t mentioned in this or the previous reviews is the covers – all 3 provided by Kaare Andrews and all 3 are strong glimpses of the most violent, poignant moments in those after-kill moments.



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Someone compared Deadpool’s creator, Rob Liefeld, with Jack Kirby: What do you think about it?

Comment by wwayne

I can’t really see the comparison……I can bet there’s a million creators who want to have the imagination/creativity of Kirby but I couldn’t see the same being said of Liefield….and I DO think they both produce work that’s interesting and worth reading…..but it’s like comparing Da Vinci’s work with your local artist who gets a mention in the paper. ” no one can draw like Liefeld. Just like no one can draw like Kirby” seems an interesting quote……but the article seems to have Liefield on a pedestal….which most fans will have for at least one of their favourites. I can’t agree with the pont of view…even with the case set out.

Comment by G-Man

Thank you for your reply! And I am pleased to read you’re not involved in the overblown hatred surrounding Liefeld. I agree that he produces interesting stuff: for example, Youngblood is one of my favourite comics right now, along with Animal Man and Blue Beetle.

Comment by wwayne

Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Thank you
so much, However I am going through troubles with your RSS.

I don’t know the reason why I can’t join it. Is there anybody else having identical RSS problems?
Anyone that knows the answer will you kindly respond? Thanks!

Comment by Daniel Chavez Moran

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