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A mere week after the release of issue #1 (reviewed here) the second issue of Marvel’s latest release sees things pick up where we left off – Deadpool killing the Marvel Universe.

An opening scene shows a news report with a glimpse at the who’s who of Deadpool’s latest victims – Dr Doom, Howard the Duck and Ghost Rider.  This sets the scene for Deadpool’s on-going mission and eases us into his head to head with Spider-Man.

The “Merc with a Mouth” facing off against the smart-mouthed Spidey just seems to work as you’d expect – a face-off of one-liners in front of a crowd of NYC on-lookers ends with victory…..for Deadpool.  A no-brainer given we’re just at the half-way point of this title but a stark reminder that we’re definitely reading a mature title with a whole lot of violence.  That being said, the writing is growing in strength since that first issue and with the move to his next target – The Avengers.

We see things take a turn here from the mindless violence that’s been on show so far to see that Deadpool has to up his game to take out some of the big name Marvel characters.  Stronger opponents call for much more subtle plans and the head-on approach takes a back-seat.  This is where the title starts to gain strength with writer Cullen Bunn building his broader approach to writing – with violence and action-packed set pieces mingling with Deadpool’s twisted, split-personality discussing his approach and revelling in his success so far.

Even with Spidey and the Avengers taken out by Deadpool – we ain’t finished yet.  Deadpool gets brutally ripped to shreds by The Hulk only for his regeneration to kick-in.  Bruce Banner is then cut to pieces as he sleeps as Deadpool tackles another big Marvel name and the body-count is still rising.  One final twist to the plot sees the Marvel wives and girlfriends (and Aunts) of the fallen heroes coming together to pool their money and pay an assassin to take revenge on Deadpool – Good old Aunt May eh?  The big reveal shows that Taskmaster is their choice to exact that revenge and we’re left with this to ponder until that issue #3 hits the stands.

The art from Dalibor Talajic and colourist, Lee Loughridge gains ground in this issue too – perhaps because there seems to be so much more for them to work with as the big hitters meet there untimely end at the hands of Deadpool.  The varying panel layouts on show just help fill this issue with more to see than the first issue and it’s only when I read this issue that I feel I’ve got to go back and check out that first issue again.  This title is gaining momentum though, which is a good thing and that’s kind of what I was expecting/hoping for.



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