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With the “_______ Kills The Marvel Universe” titles you pretty much get what you’d expect and if you’ve read the previous Punisher one-shot from 1995 or the more recent Marvel Universe vs Wolverine or Punisher releases, you’ll know exactly what that is.  Marvel picks a character and pits them against the entire Marvel Universe.

This latest mini sees Deadpool face-off against the big names, opening with narration from The Watcher we’re dropped mid-way through Deadpool killing his way through the Fantastic Four.  A “Grimm” end (classic!) for all of them leading us into a flashback to the asylum Deadpool was being held in and the real plot that set him off on his killing spree.

Psycho Man (great name!) has conditioned Deadpool to be the first in an army of superheroes he will control – that backfires and Deadpool is on the loose.  I’ve never really read Deadpool in any great depth although I do know a bit about the character so I think that this title suffers for that lack of knowledge.  Where the previous Wolverine and Punisher titles were much more plausible and engaging as a mini-series, this first issue seems to almost struggle in comparison.

Thing is, the writing is solid from Cullen Bunn who’s been involved in some top titles in recent times including the amazing ‘Battle Scars’ which spun-off from the pages of the Fear Itself/Fearless event from Marvel and helped bridge the gap between comic and movie.  That’s reason enough for me to stick with this title for the duration plus I’d usually stick with most mini-series through to the end.

The art from Dalibor Talajic and colouring from Lee Loughridge help bolster that strong writing but I’m holding out for the remaining issues which hit each week this month before I see if this falls in line with the quality seen in the previous two mini’s.  The strength of the main character may be the Achilles heel on this release but the writing/artwork could well help this reach similar highs.

Ever the optimist, I’ll hold off for the remaining issues to decide on my real views on this mini but there’s no reason that this 1st issue can’t be built on.  A good 1st issue but not the ‘wow’ factor that’s been gained before.



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