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SEEDS by G-Man
July 13, 2012, 8:12 pm
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A recent TPB I picked up at Glasgow Comic Con was ‘Seeds’ written and drawn by Ross Mackintosh and released through Com.X, an independent comic company producing some unique and highly-acclaimed graphic novels over the last 12 years or so.

The first thing that you note from an independent comic co, is the quality of the TPB itself – no cheap paper or corners cut to get the books out there and it starts the whole reading experience off on the right foot.  Seeds itself was released in early 2011 and is Ross Mackintosh’s autobiographically account of his fathers battle with cancer.  In a similar vein to the previous “Things to do in a Trailer Park….” i reviewed – it’s a real-life story with real depth and a sense of worth to sharing the story.

The artwork is very simplistic but Ross manages to capture the human touch in a single frown, smile or facial expression shown with the simplest of curved lines.  The lettering follows a similar trend with bold capitalized speech bubbles or sections of narrative.  Yet throughout this approach to the artwork it offers a solid foundation for the story to unfold and the emotions to flow.  Now maybe it’s down to my own experience with death or cancer in my own family but there is something more rewarding about another real person’s reaction to the situations they are living through – all because we can relate to this is such an easy way.

The story itself covers the abrupt nature a cancer diagnosis can have through the tender, funny moments every father/son or any relatives can share and ultimately to the decline and death of the loved ones we share a life with.  There’s even a glimpse of acceptance as Ross talks to his father after his passing.  Again, it’s the bittersweet, real-life nature of this story and the honesty in the characters as they struggle to cope, breaking into tears along the way but picking themselves back up and keeping life moving.

A triumph from Ross Mackintosh and one I’ll recommend to people both in this blog and in the endless list of “must-reads” I have to pass onto others.  I’m also keen to see how further Com.X titles workout as my previous experience was Cla$$war and it’s been a while since I’ve read that.  So in one TPB, I’ve been made to realize the value in stories of real-life as much as I value the escapism of superhero and other such titles.  I’ve also confirmed the strength I know already exists in the UK independent & self-publishing market – something I’d like to get more of and hopefully review.

Catch Seeds and other titles from Com.X over at their website:



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