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July 11, 2012, 8:40 pm
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“I HAVE THE POWERRRRRR!!!” – you know I had to do it right?  A new release from DC which contains the much-loved 80’s character and a truth-bomb of epic proportions – He-Man is 30 years old this year.  So in one issue, I’ve been made to feel like a kid again and old as hell.

So this could have just been another nostalgic walk down memory lane with Adam becoming He-Man to take on Skeletor but thankfully there’s MUCH more to this title than that.  We open with Adam as a woodsman, our Battle-Cat owning prince is a mere woodsman.  Chopping wood and taking care of his Woodsman father as he dwindles into old-age losing his memory as he goes.  Sounds like a depressing story to me but I keep reading and I’m dragged into it as Adam day-dreams about being a great warrior holding aloft his magic sword before snapping back to reality and the chores of life in the woods.

An epiphany early on sends him on his quest out of the woods – only to be met head-on by Beast-Man, who he ends up going toe-to-toe with…..well….toe-to-axe with really.  Inside I’m shouting “Get your sword” or “Where the F%&$ is Man-at-Arms?” but Adam holds his own and takes care of Beast-Man before continuing on his quest.  Disappearing into the sunset as we see Beast-Man reaching Skeletors lair and the top baddie saying “The further he goes, the more he may find out.” All before ordering that EVERYONE be on the look out for Adam and to bring him in dead or a live.

Safe to say I’m hooked and with James Robinson writing, Philip Tan and Ruy Jose on art-work……they all combine to spark the memories of the cartoon (and Dolph Lundgren movie).  Subtly written with an interesting plot that I can see developing well through the 6-issues.  Artwork is clean too with a hint of the bright cartoony colours we remember, muted tones for flashbacks and some glimpses of the battle scenes to come.  I’ve actually re-read this a few time while simultaneously watching clips on You-Tube to enforce the epic-ness that is He-Man (thought i’d share :D)

I count down the days until issue #2 and I find out more.  The magic of this though is that it should appeal to new readers as a BRILLIANT starting point and “older” members of the community like me can get that warm feel of nostalgia while I consider tracking down a battle-cat of my own.  Wish me luck!


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